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With 5 years of fringe and community theatre experience behind her, Georgia's work focuses on collaborative process, community engagement and 'silly yet serious' outcomes.

She is co-founder and executive director of Matipo Arts, a theatre and multi arts community interest company based in Harlow, Essex. 

She was born in New Zealand, lives in London, and currently works across East Anglia.

DIRECTING Georgia's directing practice includes fringe new writing, devised process, and youth and community productions. Her process is collaborative, playful and considered. Her work has been staged at venues including The Garage, Harlow Playhouse, The Space Arts Centre, The Bread & Roses Theatre and The Redbridge Drama Centre.


FACILITATION Georgia's facilitation practice is founded in accessability, play, personal development and ownership. She has developed and delivered theatre and multi-arts programs in community, theatre and school settings for participants aged 4 to 74 with organisations including Matipo Arts CIC, The Garage, Pauline Quirke Academy and TheatreTrain, amongst others. She has taught on GCSE and HNC drama programmes.

WRITING As well as writing for theatre, Georgia has a poetry and spoken word practice, dealing with object and sensation, stylistically often crossing over into her playwriting practice. She has performed at various readings across Norwich and London, including multiple appearances at TOAST (Norwich Arts Centre)

PROJECT MANAGEMENT As an executive director at Matipo Arts CIC, and in her time working at The Garage Trust, Georgia has produced and managed a variety of projects, having worked with funding partners including Arts Council England, Essex Community Foundation, Sage Housing, Clarion Housing and Harlow District Council. She has worked in film production for companies including The Grange Festival, Amazon Music and The Machine.


London / East Anglia

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You can find further examples of Georgia's work on Matipo Arts CIC's website here.

You can request a CV via the contact details listed for a detailed list of credits.

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